Level(3), the third largest Business Ethernet provider in the United States, is providing the fiber interconnect between all stations and Cologix for the DCA project.

The selection of Level(3) as our primary network partner simply made perfect sense. For 20 years, Level(3) has delivered managed data, internet and voice networking solutions to businesses and large organizations throughout the U.S. They are a trusted communications service provider with predictable, secure networks and superior customer experience that’s both responsive and collaborative. Today, Level(3) serves markets nationwide over its own facilities, with more than 27,000 route miles of fiber and over 16,000 “on-net” commercial buildings connected. It has two National Operations Centers (BOCs) in Littleton, CO and O’Fallon, MO, where its solutions are monitored for quality 24/7/365 to assure the best and most reliable service.

Because of Level(3)’s expansive area of service, there is a higher likelihood of an existing connection to future clients of the BOC. And in those instances where Level(3) does not provide the “last mile,” they will lease it from a local carrier so as to be able to monitor the signal from the BOC all the way in to a station’s broadcast facility. Connectivity to all the stations will also include firewall protection on the inbound path as well as a connection to each station’s network and unless otherwise stipulated by the client, the cost of the “last mile” installation will be spread out over the term of the agreement, precluding any upfront charges.

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