BOC System Design

The design of the project is a hybrid of a hub and spoke operation, that includes both traffic and master control functions. This project involves a wide complement of equipment, traditional master control equipment and traffic systems.  It varies in some respects in that it also requires systems not normally found in a broadcast plant, such as enhanced (exception) monitoring systems for broadcast, computer systems and network monitoring.  There are also components involved in the delivery of the transport streams to stations that are not normally seen in a broadcast plant as well.  A project of this scope also requires an enhanced reporting and notification capability.

The BOC is an operational system designed around operational needs. The economies of scale dictate that stations would, over time, enjoy considerable operational savings particularly given the fact that consolidating equipment in one facility allows for N+ type redundancy. In addition, stations would no longer be burdened with the task of purchasing new or maintaining existing master control equipment because those costs are built into the fixed operational fees.

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