About JCT Services

JCT Services, LLC is a for-profit affiliate of WJCT, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida.  WJCT took the lead in the development of the technical plan for the creation of the broadcast operations center, the successful development of the CPB grant and the recruitment of the other ten DCA member stations. JCT Services was subsequently awarded the contract to manage the operations of the BOC.

JCT Services was responsible for the overall development of the BOC technical plan. The JCT Services team engaged broadcast, network, and IT engineers and broadcast master control and traffic operators from the eleven DCA member stations throughout the system design process as well as during the selection of manufacturing and support partners. A very strong team of broadcast traffic and master control operators and engineers (twenty-one in all) have been selected to staff the DCA BOC, all of whom have extensive experience (fourteen years on average) working either in public broadcasting or similar consolidated broadcast operations initiatives in commercial television.

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