Features of the DCA’s BOC Service

It’s the mission of the DCA to take full advantage of what the interconnectivity offers its members and clients, exploring and developing strategies that lead to new collaborations and/or consolidation of common business operations.

Assured Connectivity

The third largest business-level (only) Ethernet provider in the United States, Level(3), is an industry leader in providing personalized, end-to-end service for its clients. Backed by two centralized national operations centers, Level(3) operates their own fiber network and has over 27,000 route miles of fiber and metro Ethernet available to over 16,000 buildings in 75 markets. Because of their coverage, there is a higher likelihood of an existing connection to future clients of the BOC and in those instances where Level(3) does not provide the “last mile” they will lease it from the local carrier so as to be able to monitor the signal from the BOC all the way in to a station’s broadcast facility. Connectivity to all the stations will also include firewall protection on the inbound path as well as a connection to each station’s network. Unless otherwise stipulated by a client, the cost of the “last mile” installation will be spread out over the term of the agreement, precluding any upfront charges.

Hardened Facility

The BOC is housed in a purpose-built data center, upgraded to today’s standards.  It has reinforced concrete exterior walls and roof, honeycomb steel mesh window covers capable of withstanding a 200 mph projectile and is Category 5 rated for hurricanes.  Security measures include steel roll-down doors on all entries, RFID and biometric check-points on all entrances and mission critical areas, 24/7/365 on-site security and video monitoring and security fencing surrounds facility and parking lots.  Cologix guarantees uptime with a 99.99% service level agreement, has N+2 generators with A, B, C UPS and stores 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel (a 15+ day supply) below ground. There are numerous advantages of moving into a co-located facility.  For example with the exception of periodic fuel charge increases, monthly expenses for electricity, the UPS, as well as the maintenance of such critical systems are fixed.

Self Sufficient

Built into the business plan for the BOC is an escrow account for the replacement of equipment so as to assure the BOC serves as a state-of-the-art facility for its eleven member stations going forward. As the operation adds clients a portion of their operating costs will be used to grow this fund.

Transparent Collaborative

The governance of the DCA is structured in such a way that each member plays a critical role not only in decision making but in the processes and procedures to be instituted once the BOC goes online.  Each step of the way members are providing the expertise of their staff in determining the most effective yet cost-efficient means for addressing the ongoing needs of the participating stations and will continue to do so as it refines the process.

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