The BOC is housed in a purpose-built data center, upgraded to today’s standards.  It has reinforced concrete exterior walls and roof, honeycomb steel mesh window covers capable of withstanding a 200 mph projectile and is Category 5 rated for hurricanes.  Security measures include steel roll-down doors on all entries, RFID and biometric check-points on all entrances and mission critical areas, 24/7/365 on-site security and video monitoring and security fencing surrounds facility and parking lots.  Colo 5 guarantees uptime with a 99.99% service level agreement, has N+2 generators with A, B, C UPS and stores 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel (a 15+ day supply) below ground. There are numerous advantages of moving into a co-located facility.  For example with the exception of periodic fuel charge increases, monthly expenses for electricity, the UPS, as well as the maintenance of such critical systems are fixed.  It is worth noting too that the Colo 5 combined tenant base is made up ofnumerous financial institutions, retail companies, and military support companies.  Colo5 is also home to numerous Ethernet providers with redundant ports for connectivity.

Mya SurrencyHardened Facility