Key Support Partners

Cisco Logo

Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking, provided network infrastructure that met the complex and varied requirements of the project.

Grass Valley Logo

Grass Valley, a Belden brand that delivers workflow solutions to broadcasters, content owners and ser­ vice providers, provided automation, an exception monitoring system and terminal gear for the project.

Myers Logo

Myers, an organization that provides solutions for traffic, program scheduling, content management and sales for television and radio stations, provided a traffic and asset managing system.

NETA logo

The NETA Business Center, serving public broad­ casters and related organizations since 1999, man­ ages all financial matters for the DCA including the administration of the CPB equipment grant.

Spectra Logo

Spectra Logic, a computer data storage company in Boulder, Colorado, provided large-scale, long-term storage and archive solution utilizing an automated LT06 tape library.

Tektronix Logo

Tektronix, a company with over 60 years experience designing test and measurement equipment, has provided real time QC capabilities and analysis of all real-time video and audio through state-of-the-art rasterizers.

Telestream logo

Telestream, a provider of products for video cap­ture, encoding, transcoding and network-based de­ livery, is providing transcoding and file based analy­sis so that a variety of formats from multiple stations can be standardized at the NOC.

Thomson Logo

Thomson Video Networks, a global leader in ad­vanced video compression solutions, provided en­ coding, multiplexing and stream splicing along with a robust control and monitoring system.

TI Broadcast

Tl Broadcast Solutions Group, experts at new facili­ty planning and programming, brought the design and integration knowledge to create and build a state of the art hub and spoke central cast facility.

Triveni Logo

Triveni Digital, creator of innovative solutions for broadcast, cable, telco and IPTV since 1997, pro­vided the link between traffic and over the air broad­ cast with highly accurate automated PSIP data in­sertion.

XenData Logo

XenData Digital Video Archives, optimized for the needs of the media and entertainment industry, pro­ vided the seamless link between automation and online storage and the offline LT06 storage.

Xormedia Logo

XOR media, a company offering media-centric, cloud-capable servers, has provided online storage capacity with the ability to meet current and future needs through the Universal Media Library.

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