Six Florida PTV stations in partnership with WPBA (Atlanta), WTTW (Chicago), WILL (Champaign), MPTV (Milwaukee), and KERA (Dallas) came together to create the Digital Convergence Alliance (DCA), a not-for-profit corporation, to serve as the binding governing body through which the stations would develop and implement initiatives which foster increased efficiencies and create new revenue opportunities, starting with the operation of a centralized master control service referred heretofore as the DCA network operations center (NOC).  The DCA members contracted WJCT (Jacksonville) to manage the NOC under the auspices of its subsidiary, JCT Services, LLC. ,and engaged the NETA Business Center to handle the business affairs of the venture including the administration of the CPB grant.

In August of 2015, the DCA introduced its end-to-end centralized broadcast operations product offering to PBS stations around the country in a NETA Technology Council sponsored webinar.

Part of that presentation included a video introduction to the DCA model, including the many unique advantages of its DCA Network Operations Center (NOC) in Jacksonville, FL. The video has been updated to incorporate the latest information about the DCABOS. Click the video to learn more about the background of the DCA, the value it can bring to your station, and the centralized operations at its one-of-a-kind NOC.

The DCA is not just about the NOC, where content is aggregated and disseminated. It is a community “whiteboard” where ideas and opportunities are shared and built upon, and when possible, utilizing the NOC as the infrastructure where such initiatives are developed and implemented. The members of the DCA welcome the opportunity to engage PTV stations from across the country in participating in this collaborative. By becoming clients of the DCA’s NOC, stations will be able to initiate and/or share in the opportunities of future ventures the DCA undertakes.

“We at PBS commend the participating stations for the creation of the Digital Convergence Alliance,” says PBS President & CEO Paula Kerger. “The successful launch of its network operations service is an excellent example of the kind of opportunity they are looking to forge. This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking our system needs.”

Network Operations Center

What is the NOC?

The NOC combines master control, traffic operations and delivery systems to achieve maximum performance. Designed to serve multiple public broadcasting stations, the NOC consolidates staff and equipment in a centralized, hardened facility providing unparalleled reliability, reduced operating costs and an improved on-air presence while eliminating significant capital and operating expenses for each station.

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